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The End -

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone but I'm not gonna continue the Achievement Stuck story. I don't have the drive to so it. I'm also not good at keeping promises but maybe one weekend if I'm free, I'll just sketch down what happens to those who want closure. I mean its nothing super shocking but if i feel like it, I might do it. God I'm awful....

Again I'm sorry for abandoning this. Just can't support this whole comic series by myself even though I do get help from a few people and I don't plan on gaining anything from it. Webcomics are super hard to stay interested in unless you have a very communicative group of people or just two dedicated people. My interests fly all over the place and I'm more of a concept person, not someone who produces a giant thing... (I trailing off)

Bottom Line, this is THE END for AchievementStuck. I hope everyone has a nice day!

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Stay golden.

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