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As the update for AS will be on this coming Wednesday, I'm going to warn everyone that there will be a style change. How long? I dunno.

Truth revealing time

PART 1: I HATE USING GIMP. Gimp is a shitty (IMO) digital art program that I've been using since I don't have MS Paint to get that Homestuck art effect.. Photoshop doesn't have a pixel brush. Gimp is glitchy and acts retarded on MAC. I have a MAC. See the problem. Also Gimp is glitchy and it freezes alot so add that to the annoyance meter.

PART 2: I think the comic is going to work out better if the characters are drawn in PS instead of with a pixel pencil brush in GIMP. As I said a million times, the sprites aren't accurate (IN FACT THEY'RE PRETTY SHIT IN MY OPINION). Its different when portraying a fictional characters with minimal features compared to a real person with defined facial structures.To portray certain features like facial hair on the style I'm borrowing from is a personal issue of mine. (Geoff's sprite is the best example of this.)

So if you didn't understand that 3AM slush of words above. I'm changing the style until I probably find a comfortable style I wanna do the comic in. To be fair, I've got some neat ass PS brushes.


PS does have a Pixel brush though. You have to manually set it though

Basically you have to switch to the Pencil mode. It's a sub grouping of the Brush button

Posted @ February 16th, 2014, 5:16 pm

True but the pencil brush has a soft bottom right corner while all the other corners are hard. I'll have to tweak it later.

Posted @ February 16th, 2014, 6:22 pm

I believe you can modify it considering the eraser has a block option

Posted @ February 18th, 2014, 9:39 pm
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